About me

M Kaleem Arshad MD has a great experience in this field and he has worked in different places.  He has served as Regional Medical Director of Mental Health Network and also as an Executive Vice President of Evergreen Healthcare Management prior to 2005.  Kaleem Arshad MD also in his early career founded a professional medical corporation named as Physician Care, in 1994.

The corporation of M Kaleem Arshad MD later medically managed and directed various psychiatric hospitals and programs in the New Orleans area and was one of the successful Physician Care places with coordination with other psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners as a fraction of the private practice group.Later in August 2005, the Hurricane Katrina smashed my office and two hospitals where M Kaleem Arshad MD practiced.  He was relocated and went to Virginia for a couple of few months to work.  He affection for the city of New Orleans was great and his desire to help an overwhelmed population brought me back to the city.

Furthermore in the beginning of 2006, M Kaleem Arshad MD took over as Medical Director as he has several years of experience as a Staff Psychiatrist at Psychiatric Pavillion of New Orleans which was the first Inpatient free-standing psychiatric talent and one the first few businesses to start operations in the New Orleans East area which had been totally demolished by the storm.

M Kaleem Arshad MD was appreciated for the opportunity to be a part of the revival and rebuilding of mental health services in the capital.  He wants to help as he knows that the city was left dangerously under served in regards to the mental health services due to Katrina.  When you usually meet the M Kaleem Arshad you can ask a number of questions to him regarding your health. Below mentioned are some questions that you need to ask your psychiatrist who has been left traumatized and were in frantic need of care.

When you are going through the process of choosing your psychiatrist you need to ask some questions that help you in knowing the things and your psychiatrist in a better way.

Like what type of education he has done or which certifications do they have?  M Kaleem Arshad is dedicated and especially passionate about helping under privileged and under served.